About Us

Real Estate Design & Development Firm

We set out to create a one-of-a-kind resort destination utilizes cutting-edge alternative health and wellness programming enabling guests to experience the next generation of wellness tourism. We created a concept that will feature 124-private lodging casitas, restaurant, winebar, cocktail lounges, indoor/outdoor spa, wellness and fitness center, natural mineral hot springs, lushly landscaped swimming pools with private cabanas, 5,000-square-foot event facility, as well as 30 fully furnished upscale glamping tents for more adventurous travelers. The site also boasts a geo-magnetic vortex and natural mineral-filled hot springs water believed to hold therapeutic and curative powers attracting travelers from around the globe.

Cannabis and Hospitality

Offering Cannabis in a resort is a very tricky business. Allowing delivery & consumption takes away from the liability but much care should be given to the parameters in which consumption  is permitted.  Strict zones should be set up as not to change the entire vibe of the resort. While Cannabis does have properties that aid in the treatment of diseases and conditions , making it part of a wellness program should probably be undertaken very carefully. It would be like allowing wine, a product with many known health benefits, into the same type of program.  It would have to be done tastefully and keeping any medical treatments in mind for compliance with FDA standards.